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Mango Digital Strategies Announces Partnership with Robinhood to Teach Bitcoin/Crypto Financial Ed.

Mango Digital Strategies has partnered with global financial services firm, Robinhood, in order to share Bitcoin and cryptocurrency financial education across the United States in the communities that need it the most.

Mango Digital Strategies is thrilled to support Robinhood’s financial inclusion priorities via the Opportunity Crypto project, a five city cryptocurrency financial education initiative which will run from mid-October to November 2022 across select U.S. cities. During the sessions, participants will explore the foundations of cryptocurrency, discuss practical skills and deepen participants’ understanding of the risks and benefits of cryptocurrency.

"This exciting new project marries financial inclusion and Bitcoin/cryptocurrency financial education two areas that I am deeply passionate about." said Charlene Fadirepo, the CEO of Mango Digital Strategies. The Mango Digital Strategies team thanks Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Chloe Barz, Karen Goldfeder, and the entire Robinhood team for their continued commitment to financial inclusion as well as Bitcoin/cryptocurrency financial education for communities of color.

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